VisiInc has developed an innovative patent-pending collaboration and communications platform with a universal "viewer" that distributes large sets of data ( including 3D) and renders the visualization natively anywhere in the world at speeds of up to 1,000 times the fastest visualization technologies in the market. The rendering takes place at the client end, transforming the way we create and communicate, and gives any organization a competitive edge by allowing you to act faster. Vistime is an application built on top of the proprietary visi platform.

VisiInc's proven patent pending technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with the product offerings of major web/team collaboration and content management system vendors within the high-growth $6.2 billion global collective intelligence industry.

VisiInc's technology enables these vendors to immediately expand their product capabilities, service offerings, and revenue per customer.

VisiInc's underlying technology is backed by over 6 years of extensive research and development and several pending patents that provide the Company with a distinct and durable market position within its target segments. VisiInc is led by a creative and innovative management team with exceptional technical expertise.