vistimeThe Vistime product empowers any licensed user to invite colleagues, clients, suppliers or any number of selected participants into a secure online session during which consolidated loan calculator all participants are able to simultaneously view, annotate and interact with documents, images, videos or 3D images. Vistime presents all shared
files through a common graphical interface, so users do not need to have access to the file creation software in order to see and work with the file.

The Vistime proprietary platform technology eliminates the lag time barrier that exists with other file sharing and viewing technologies. As a result, Vistime is the first in the world to enable real-time collaboration involving complex, data-rich instant laons visual files, video and 3D media.

The Vistime viewer also eliminates the need for end users to have a specific operating system, graphics card, screen size, or native software application for the file being rendered. All users see and bad credit unsecured loans instant decision manipulate the same image at the same time and at the same level of detail as if the native file software were installed
on the user’s desktop. Vistime effectively removes the hardware and software barriers that have hindered the sharing of many visual file types within money lender online organizations.

Visi currently has six patents pending for its proprietary Vistime personal loans for people with poor credit technology.